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This page will provide you support to load your purchased eBooks onto any eBook reader.  If you have further questions,
please Contact Us

You will need your eBook Reader and the USB cable it came with pluged into your computer.

To read eBooks on your computer, we highly recommend Microsoft Reader or Adobe Digital Editions . Both programs are free to use, just click on the names and download and install the programs, then follow the instructions on the appropriate link below.

General Instructions

After you have purchased your eBook, there will be two ways to download your book.  First in the email confirmation you receive, there will be download link under the item you purchased.  It looks like this: 

Second, on the site when you are logged in you will see on the left menu, My Downloadable Items, click on it and it will take you to a page where all your eBooks are available for download. 


















If you are using an iPad to read, download your book to your computer first.  You can transfer the eBook, the same way you would a mp3, or movie, using iTunes.

If you are using an Android device to read, follow the instructions below, and when you are saving your book, look for the eBook folder on the device.

The following instructions cover most eBook Readers on a PC.

Plug your eBook reader into your computer's USB port, and you should see this: (If this window does not pop up, just open My Computer, and you will see your device there.)


Click the Open Folder to view Files, and the contents of the eBook reader will appear.

This shows the content of a Kindle.  In a Kindle you will download or copy your books into the document folder.


Below is a Barns & Noble Nook. On a Nook, you download or copy your books to the My Files > Books Folder.


Below is the contents of a Kobo eReader. On a Kobo, you download or copy your books directly into the root directory.



Every eBook reader can be a bit different, so just look for a folder that contains books.

Now, from your email, or from the site's My Downloadable Products section, right click on the download link, and select “Save As” or "Save Link As" and save to the place outlined above.



Specific eBook Format Videos (Coming Soon)










Aluratek (Libre)


Palm Devices


iPad / iPhone


Android Tablet / Phone


Microsoft Reader


Adobe PDF