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We are the only major online store to sell eBooks in ALL formats. So no matter which make or model of eBook reader you may have, we’ve got you covered!


When you create your own profile (you can also log in with your Facebook account), all your eBook orders are remembered and stored in the system. If you lose your eReader or you buy another eReader, you can log back into the Next Century Store and download for FREE all of your previous eBooks! That’s right. No hassles, no issues, no lost eBooks. At any time, you can get all your eBooks, even in other formats. We’ve got you covered!


(Coming Soon) Everyone recommends a great book, but do you make money for the referral? You should! And at Next Century Store, we give you the chance to do just that. When you join our affiliate program, you make 7.5% first-level commission on every book, ebook, or other book product in the entire Next Century Store! Second-level commissions are 2.5%. Promote your favorite books through your social media network and get paid good money for doing it! We’ve got you covered.

Tutorials on how to link, download, or access eBooks in ALL formats are also available, so no more confusion for anyone trying to get their eBooks. We’ve got you covered.


(Coming Soon)  Lastly, you can “gift” eBooks in ANY format to anyone you like. An automatic email is sent to the person receiving your gift, and that person can log in and select the eBook in the proper format. You don’t even need to know which eReader they have! (And if they don’t have an eReader, then you can order the book through our Single Print Option, and get it mailed directly to them!) Yep, we’ve got you covered.




As for eBooks, the following article may interest you:


21% of Americans have read an e-book. The increasing availability of e-content is prompting some to read more than in the past and to prefer buying books to borrowing them.

One-fifth of American adults (21%) report that they have read an e-book in the past year, and this number increased following a gift-giving season that saw a spike in the ownership of both tablet computers and e-book reading devices such as the original Kindles and Nooks. In mid-December 2011, 17% of American adults had reported they read an e-book in the previous year; by February, 2012, the share increased to 21%.

The rise of e-books in American culture is part of a larger story about a shift from printed to digital material. Using a broader definition of e-content in a survey ending in December 2011, some 43% of Americans age 16 and older say they have either read an e-book in the past year or have read other long-form content such as magazines, journals, and news articles in digital format on an e-book reader, tablet computer, regular computer, or cell phone.  . . .  Read Full Article Here