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Next Century Store offers
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This is the next century in serving authors and selling books to their readers! This is the next century in creating unique ways to promote and use books (in all formats) to the betterment of all! This is the next century in taking all that books have to offer and plugging that into our daily lives!

It’s time we embrace this reality, and at Next Century Store we have done just that.

Here at Next Century Store, there are many things that set us apart, including:


  • - Authors can sell their books in ALL formats!
  • - Readers can purchase a book for any eBook reader
  • - Readers  can purchase paperback copies of their favorite authors book
  • - Many paperback books are exclusive to Next Century Store
  • - Readers  have a member’s area to store all their eBook purchases
  • - Readers  can request their purchased eBooks in another format at any time if they change their eReader device
  • - Authors have all formats of their ebooks available from one location!
  • - Authors can set the price for their books and ebooks and receive the same royalty per sale!
  • - Authors get 75% net royalties on all sales!
  • - Authors are part of a team that offers many services, all with the goal to sell more books!
  • - Readers can recommend their favorite books to others and make 7.5% commissions!
  • - Books are available in Single Print Option format!
  • - Books are available in Custom Book format!
  • - Royalties are paid on a monthly basis!
  • - And much more is to come!

Next Century Store does not restrict the use of its purchased eBooks.  Readers who purchase an eBook from us are not restricted to how many devices they can have it on, or what kind of device.  If at any time you change your eBook reader contact us and we will send you all your purchases in the format you need for your new device.

Next Century Store is the place where authors go to get their books into all formats, where they make the most royalties per book sold, and where they are part of a team that truly cares about their success.

Next Century Store is where readers go to get books in all formats, where they can be paid commissions simply by recommending books they like, and where readers can be play a part in a book’s success, connect with authors, and much more.

We are the next century of authors and readers!